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Rise To The Sky - Death Will Not Keep Us Apart review

Rise To The Sky is a one man atmospheric death/doom band. Hailing from Santiago, Chile. Set to release the new album “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart". Due out October 9th through GS productions.

An intense and emotional album. Inspired by the concept of a couple in a post apocalyptic world ruled by vicious monsters. The couple finds a cliff that can get them to safety. However its treacherous and during the climb one of the couple falls. Upon ascending the cliff the other sees their loved ones fate and woefully decides to join them. Leaping from the cliff to their doom.

Heavy melodic guitars and bass. Utilizing dark harmonies. Precise down tempo drumming. Powerful monstrous vocals. All combined to build an atmosphere of despair and hopelessness.

The album opens with “From The Distance". On a soaring melody over punishing drums. The growling evocative vocals combined with the solemn melodies drives the song. A great start to the album. Incredibly heavy musically and emotionally right from the first note.

The next song is titled “Pain and Blood". Starting with a skull fracturing beat. A heavy doom roof plays along with an ominous melody. This song has a burdensome atmosphere. As if the weight of existence drags you down. The harmonies add to the dark mood with a seething aura of anxiety.

“Together in The Grave" opens with a bright melody and keyboards. As the drums come in slowly. The song goes into a heavy and ominous riff. The atmosphere of the dark harmonies and vicious death vocals is incredible. Each song is sonically neck breaking . Emotionally wrought with sorrow.

Moving into “When Death Comes". Opening with a somber piano and an ominous melody. The slow heavy bass and drums play with the first clean vocals on the album. This song really stands out. The clean vocals and spoken verses are mournful. You can truly feel the absolute weight of the atmosphere and emotions in each song.

Next is “High Up Above". It starts with a melody into an incredibly heavy riff. The absolute hopelessness and despair is palpable. This song is incredibly well written. Being drawn into as terrifying and desolate sonicscape. Where the only hope left is to escape death for a few moments at a time.

“The Final Choice" opens with a mournful and somber keyboard intro. The guitars pick up this tune and carry it. At some point in this story even escaping death seems hopeless. Every note exudes this hollow despair. The weight of even living itself becomes to much. When even the small things you hold on to have nothing to hold you.

Straight into “Death Will Join Us". A bright keyboard melody and solemn strings opens this song. At this point death becomes the only hope. When you are only joined with any love or hope. Held together in final moments as breath and life leaves you. Is there even an afterlife? The question that doesn’t even matter. Living held no worth except to behold the only living person that mattered.

“We Are Not Mourning" opens with a heavy riff. A dark harmony that leads into the song. These songs are all very heavy musically. This song really stands out. This song adds more clean vocals which I really enjoy. The emotional atmosphere is precisely weighted. This song adds a solemn bit of hope to the end of life. Whatever meaning it held lost forever. No pain or anguish remains as perhaps that is better. Than living in the shadow of death, it is welcomed as it’s own escape.

“Dancing in the Dark (Death)” is the final track. Starting with an ominous and brooding melody. The use of the clean vocals and death vocals is excellent. Perhaps there is something after death. Where the lost can find solace in one final embrace. An eternal peace from a world where none could ever exist. A fantastic end to the album.

I’ve focused much more in what the atmosphere and emotions are held within “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart". I feel this is the intent as well as being an exemplary heavy death/doom album. Rise To The Sky creates hauntingly beautiful music.

The production is amazing. This is an ambitious album and the production really makes it shine. My minor criticism is that the vocals could have been more forward in the mix. The vocals themselves really add a sorrowful layer to the atmosphere.

With all that said. Rise to The Sky “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart" is a 4 out of 5 broken necks. Almost nearly perfect. The weight of each song is neck breaking. It is also soul crushing. It’s a unique look at the most painful emotions we can experience. That is almost hopeful.

October 9th when “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart" releases be sure to listen to this. Preorder it now to give yourself some time to prepare mentally. This album is delightful. Filled with sorrow and despair. If you can appreciate those things you will want to buy this from Rise To The Sky or GS Productions.

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